Storage is a much-appreciated asset in homes today. So, if you’re searching for ways to optimize where you keep your belongings, don’t overlook the garage. Even if this area is cluttered at the moment, there are some smart and affordable garage storage solutions that can turn the space into a functional storage area.

Declutter Before Exploring Garage Storage Solutions

Before you begin moving belongings into your garage, take the time to clear out the clutter in the space. Start with things you don’t want or need. Just this step alone can free up more room than you may realize. Once you slim down what you have, it’ll be easier to create storage solutions that work for your garage.

1. Bins are Great for Garage Storage

Bins are especially useful because they come in a variety of sizes and are a quick and easy way to group things in the garage. Small bins, for instance, might hold screws and nails. Larger bins could hold gardening tools, craft supplies, holiday decor, or out-of-season clothing. Use clear plastic bins or apply labels so you’ll always know exactly what is in each box.

2. Shelving

The bins you use to contain items can be kept on shelving in the garage. Space the shelves according to the sizes of your bins to create tidy storage and easy access. Install garage shelves higher on the walls and use the space underneath for bikes, cleaning equipment, and tools you use frequently.

3. Countertop, Cabinet, and Drawer Units

You easily get your money’s worth with a countertop and cabinet unit. Purchase a free-standing system or have one built into the garage. If your budget is tight, start with a basic countertop/drawer setup that can be used as a workspace. Later, you can add cabinets or other features to provide more storage.

4. Lockers

Lockers are convenient places to sort and store personal belongings. Used lockers can sometimes be found in thrift and consignment shops. Lockers are useful for storing garden tools and similar things that can be kept in an upright position. You might assign a locker for each family member so everyone has their own personal storage space in the garage.

5. Ceiling Storage in the Garage

Free up floor space by using the area overhead. Ceiling racks are a smart and affordable way to hang equipment you don’t frequently need. Ceiling storage can be mounted in a way that creates room for bins. For other ceiling storage options, hang a closet rod from the rafters to keep out-of-season clothing. Install a pulley system to easily hang bikes or kayaks from the ceiling.

6. Pegboard Walls

Pegboard is excellent in garages because it provides easy-to-access storage for tools and accessories. Shelves, hooks, clips, and bins can be purchased to use with the pegboard wall. For installation, simply mount your preferred size and length of pegboard to wall studs.

These are just some of the many options for affordable garage storage. There is a lot of room for flexibility with garage organization. No matter what options you choose, you’ll create more usable space in the garage.

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