It’s a good idea to make upgrades to your home throughout the year, but some tasks are better suited for certain seasons. Here are some summer home upgrades to complete during hot weather.

Deck Upgrades

Shade – An open-air deck can get scorching hot on a sunny day. Add some shade with an umbrella, shade sail, awning, or some potted trees.

Lighting – You’ll be able to enjoy your deck after dark when you add some lights to the area. Use string lights, battery-powered lanterns, or a table umbrella with built-in LEDs.

Upkeep – Wooden decks require maintenance every year or two to keep them safe. Inspect the railings to make sure they are stable and secure and reinforce any loose areas. Sand and seal the wooden decking boards to remove splinters and protect the material from the elements.

Summer Home Upgrades to Improve Energy Efficiency

Running the AC all summer long drives up utility bills. One of the most economical summer home upgrades to complete is making the home airtight. Gaps around doors and windows let cool air out and hot air inside during summer, and they do the opposite in winter. This makes the AC or heater have to work harder to keep the home climate-controlled.

Check the weatherstripping and caulk around doors and windows and replace it if it is missing or in poor condition.

You’ll also improve energy efficiency in the summer by replacing your HVAC filter and having the unit serviced each year before using the AC.

Saving Water with Summer Home Upgrades

People tend to use more water in the summer for filling backyard swimming pools, watering lawns, washing cars, playing in sprinklers, and taking more showers. Home upgrades that save water are great projects for summertime.

Add a rain barrel to collect rainwater from the gutters, which can then be used for outdoor tasks like watering plants. Another simple upgrade is adding faucet aerators and low-flow showerheads to lower the number of gallons used per minute in sinks and showers.

Landscape Maintenance

Hot sunshine and summer rainstorms make plants on your landscape grow out of control. What looks like a tiny sprig could grow into a young tree by the end of the summer, which is harder to remove. Also, invasive species like bamboo and ivy may start taking over your property in the summer and should be eliminated before they become unmanageable.

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