Weather-resistant chairs, sofas, and tables are essential for a relaxing and comfortable outdoor space. There are many types of outdoor furniture in a variety of different materials. The best type for you will depend on your budget, the climate, and the format of your outdoor space.


Plastic outdoor furniture is by far the most affordable type. You can find sturdy plastic furniture, but most of it is lightweight and prone to cracking. With plastic patio furniture, you get what you pay for. If you are purchasing the cheapest option, you can expect to have to replace it every few years.

In windy conditions, plastic chairs will blow over. Some may crack under too much weight. However, if you don’t want to worry about maintaining and caring for your outdoor furniture and don’t mind replacing it often, plastic furniture may be best for your needs.


Wicker furniture can be used indoors and outdoors, but synthetic wicker is preferable for outdoor use. Natural wicker tends to grow mold and mildew when it gets wet because it is an absorbent material.

Outfit wicker chairs and sofas with outdoor cushions to make them more comfortable. Invest in a waterproof chest or deck box to store the cushions when not in use. Even if they are water-resistant, cushions will hold up better when they are protected from the elements.

Types of Outdoor Furniture Made From Solid Wood

Solid wood furniture is durable and heavy. It is best suited in a covered outdoor area or screened-in porch to keep it from fading in the sun. Wood furniture also has a hefty price tag compared to other types of outdoor furniture. Wood will need regular maintenance, like cleaning and applying a sealant or oil.

Metal Types of Outdoor Furniture

Aluminum and wrought iron are both types of metal outdoor furniture, but they vary in terms of maintenance, weight, and appearance. Aluminum furniture that’s designed for outdoor use has a powder-coat finish to protect it from rust. It stays cool in direct sun and is lightweight. Wrought iron is durable and heavier than aluminum. It can rust in the rain, so is best for use only in covered spaces.

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