At the start of the pandemic, you may have had to hastily set up a home office. If you think your workspace could be improved, now may be a good time to take on a home office renovation. Here are 5 ways to improve your home office.

Choose Your Color Scheme

The color of a room influences the mood of the space, and the right colors can improve focus and creativity. Some colors are distracting and anxiety-producing, like harsh oranges and reds. Choose a bright neutral color for your home office, like a soft beige or off-white. Pastels like light greens and blues also create a calming atmosphere.

Improve Your Home Office Flooring

When making renovations, consider updating the flooring. A home office doesn’t require a particular style of flooring, but some people prefer hard floors over carpet if they have wheeled office furniture. Cork and bamboo flooring are eco-friendly options that have recently become more popular.

Wall Space

Keep your office floor space open and tidy by using the walls for storage. Install floating shelves to hold books, papers, and even devices like your printer. Pegboard on the wall can hold compartments for smaller items like pens, paperclips, and post-it notes.

Improve Your Home Office Furniture

The desk is the most important piece of furniture in your office. Is your current desk comfortable? Do you have enough surface space? A standing desk is a good option because standing is healthier than sitting all day.

Get an adjustable office chair that is the correct height to sit at your standing desk; a drafting chair is a good option. Both of these items can be found with locking wheels for easy mobility. If you’re happy with your current desk, add a standing desk converter that allows you to adjust the height of your workspace.

Making Use of Small Spaces

Your home office may not be an entire room. If you are working in a portion of a bedroom or common living space, purchase a divider to add privacy and sound buffering. Another option is a desk that folds down from the wall. It can be folded back up when you are not working so it will not take up space in the home outside of work hours.

If you have been putting up with a less than ideal home office, now is the time to make some changes. Use the above tips to make a more functional and comfortable home office.

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